"I have spent hours poring over your fabulous proofs! D. has such a passionate connection with her horse and YOU have captured that on film.  Your  photos brought me to tears as they reflect the joy in her heart. Somehow you even captured how much her silly horse loves and puts up with her in the fun photos! I owe you so much for capturing this part of our Mother-Daughter relationship with our horses, so many thanks!"  G.K.

"How wonderful! You have made it affordable for me/us to have captured my family in a forever image-I want to send my thanks to you too for being so wonderful at your photographing talents!" P.J.

"Thank you!   I love how you caught his personality in the photo."   D.R.

"Our Christmas cards were a hit! Everyone exclaimed about the pictures and they never did that before even though we used pictures for the last five years!"  K.L.

"Thank you so much. You amaze me. The moments you captured. I loved looking at them all. You are so good at what you do!!! There are even pictures of A. that even HE will like, since he absolutely hates his photos.  Thank you!"  S.P.

"I was thrilled to see the pictures of C. R. and N. in the site today.  You did an absolutely fabulous job. The background was perfect and  even the reluctant subjects looked relaxed.  You did another wonderful job!"  D.T.

"I just received my order of prints.  I am so excited! They turned out beautiful. You did a wonderful job, keep up the good work. I was a little upset I could not be at the horse show to see our daughter ride but thanks to your photos, I felt like I was there." J.F.

"Those are the best shots! You are incredible, I am really impressed.  Thank you so much and by the way, your ideas and style were really dynamic."  R. F.

"Those pictures are fantastic! Everyone has been thrilled with the photographs from our barn. You got some miracle pictures."  W.P.

"Paula, I received the pictures...THEY ARE AMAZING!  Thanks again! C.R.

"Thank you for capturing the horses that I love. I am so happy with the pictures of my horses-I have tears when I look at them- thank you again." P.J.


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